Noël Daemen is managing director /founder of 3D Maastricht. Providing consultancy services and support to industrial users of Additive Manufacturing /3D printing. We support companies and educational organisations with their capability (knowledge and experience) and capacity (resources & infrastructure) to use 3D printing.

As an entrepreneur at engineering companies and management consultancy firms, Noël has spent 20-years working as a consultant on innovative projects with governmental agencies and companies like Vodafone, Airbus and Philips. He is a regular speaker at business events and organises workshops for SME, startups as well as academic and higher school students.

Commercialisation of 3D printing and uptake in the market is the next step. 3D design, prototyping, small batch production and mass customisation. Market introductions or developing applications of 3D printing, based on service innovation and design.


3D Maastricht is a 3D innovation full service provider for B2B and Education.
3D hardware, materials, training, design and technical support.
3D fabrication: 3D printing prototyping and quick response manufacturing in small batches.
Board and management inspiration sessions, deep dive workshops and business modelling.

Our focus is on providing benefits of digitalisation and moreover 3D printing. By understanding the disruptiveness of 3D printing. Introducing innovative ways of creating and capturing value and build on customer-centric value logics. Fields of interest: quick response servicing & manufacturing. Combinations of 3D fabrication, Smart Services and IoT.