3D Printing in Business : Make your move into 3D

Your business will be disrupted!

What will be the impact of 3D Printing on your business? One thing is for sure: it’s going to be huge and it’s just a matter of time.

3D printing / additive manufacturing will have a bigger economic impact than the internet. Established business models are rapidly being disrupted. The digital revolution changes the way we think, live and do business. 3D fabrication will bring a new way in which products and services are being developed, produced and delivered. It offers the prospects of on-demand, mass customisation and personalisation, with great opportunities for localised, flexible and sustainable development, production and distribution.

We hope to challenge the business model of your company

Your company will be challenged to adjust your business model. As 3D influences every part of your business, you will have to introduce new ways to create and capture value. Focus on customer-centric value logics and collaborate with your end consumers and supply chains.

In case you need some help with creating value with 3D Printing we will provide you with resources and guide you to find the right expertise in the region. Maastricht is surrounded with many 3D related companies, startups as well as global players. This is a very attractive starting point to find knowledge, resources, and suppliers.